Food As Medicine Everyday (FAME) Workshops

Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) is a 12-week series that focuses on nutrition education and hands-on cooking. Weekly workshops will demonstrate simple techniques for selecting and cooking tasty, nutritious whole foods and teach how these foods can improve health and fitness.

Each workshop welcomes up to 16 participants, both children (age 5+), and adults.*

*Depending on the venue space.


About FAME

Created by naturopaths and nutritionists, The Food as Medicine Institute (FAMI) grew out of the success of the Ending Childhood Obesity (ECO) Project, a community-based nutrition education and cooking program offered in low-income areas in Portland, OR. The FAMI goal is to motivate and support communities to adopt a more whole-foods based diet by educating and providing the tools to overcome the many obstacles to eating healthy in today’s society.

The FAME program is founded on the idea that it takes three months (12-weeks) to empower individuals, families, and communities to make lasting and sustainable dietary changes. To learn more about FAMI visit

Food As Medicine Institute Philosophy:

Promote whole foods and low-processed foods.

Encourage a diverse, primarily plant-based diet.

Include food from healthy animals.

Promote anti-inflammatory food choices.

Recognize that individuals have unique food needs.

Care about food and its sources.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Nutrients (Fats, Fiber (Carbs) & Protein)

  • Label Reading

  • Benefits of Breakfast

  • Habits 4 Health

  • How to Create Your Plate

  • Healthy Digestion

  • Balancing Blood Sugar

  • Grains and Greens of Traditional Diets

  • Healthy Substitutions on the Go

  • Exploring Sweeteners

  • Shopping Guide

  • Healthy Lunches & Snacks


Do you have a community looking to get in the kitchen and learn more about how to source and prepare nutritious foods? Let's connect and get a FAME series on the books!


Community FAME classes are offered quarterly. Check back for details on when the next series will begin.