Kelly McLauchlan Stone, Owner & Executive Wellness Consultant


Second Nature Wellness’ owner and Executive Wellness Consultant, Kelly McLauchlan Stone, received her master’s degree in holistic nutrition following a 10-year stint working in the BioPharma and service industries focused on marketing, promotions and event management. While working as Director of Marketing for a BioPharma company, Kelly identified a gap in her work-life balance that centered around food and began to question how we treat our bodies, and what truly motivates our food choices. This question pressed the principles of her work, and she exited that industry in pursuit of her graduate degree, hoping to find answers and help others seek their ideal wellbeing. 

Before her role in marketing, Kelly began to practice yoga in undergrad as a way to get out of the dorms and away from her desk. She found yoga to be a space of calm and composure in a time when the stress of studies and impending ‘real life’ was the loudest noise in the room. With a dream of sharing her practice with others, Kelly completed a yoga teacher training to incorporate healthy movement in conjunction with her wellness service offerings, and to provide the local community with her voice on the importance of self-care and good food choices.

When she’s not out hustling to network in the community, Kelly is likely out walking her dog, cooking with her husband or cycling around Portland to sample the city’s best eats. Her favorite motto is 'Will travel for food.' 


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