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Second Nature Wellness is a corporate wellness consultancy providing a structured environment for companies, teams and their leadership to prioritize their health in the workplace. We create customized nutrition programs that target specific health concerns of the team and provide tangible and applicable methods for making positive changes in the workplace as well as in their private lives.

Through nutrition education, community meals, and group coaching, Second Nature Wellness aims to increase productivity in the workplace and expertly manage stress, improve sleep habits, and encourage healthy food choices in and outside of the office.

Wellness should be a priority for everyone and what better place to start than in the place we spend most of our week?


Workplace Wellness

Second Nature Wellness, LLC was created out of the idea that wellness, and how we care for ourselves, should feel like second nature. Almost as simple as tying your shoes, or brushing your teeth. Once we’re taught these skills, they become habits that are ingrained in our daily routines. So then why shouldn’t nourishing movement, and good food choices also be so ingrained and habitual that we can do them without missing a beat? This has been the topic of so many conversations that our team has picked apart, and the reason our founder pursued an education in holistic nutrition and yoga training. With so many resources available and yet so much noise from social media distorting the picture, it’s no wonder people have become so separated from their wellness and have allowed stress and sleep deprivation to burrow a space in their lives, so deep that that has become the norm. So we want to change that. Second Nature aims to provide the education, resources, and support to navigate you back to health, and provide the space to create new, lifelong habits and routines, promoting longevity, vitality, and control over your wellbeing.